Friday, March 2, 2012

St Mary's School Lab 3

Attended St. Mary's School for Lab 3 and I was thrilled to work with the kids this past week knowing that our group would be working with the older kids in the cafeteria, little did I know the older kids were worst than the Pre K when it came to participating in our activities. The older kids love to play tag games and they were not into "chuck the chicken" which was a game that Pat had planned to play with the kids. However I put on the Cha Cha Slide, a song that says a cue and you follow the cue. The kids enjoyed that dance which made me feel inspired knowing that their was hope for them to play one of our activities. After dancing we ended up playing temple tag and some type basketball/soccer game with the kids that we named spider man basketball. The kids were very competitive and enjoyed playing the game. Each week that I spend at St. Mary's School I just keep taking in more and more information. I have enjoyed each week that we have been at St. Mary's School and am looking forward to Lab 4 in the coming weeks. 

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