Monday, April 30, 2012

Photo slide show of Aspiring PE teaching

The Ending to a great semester @ St. Mary's

The final day at St. Mary's was an eventful one to say the least. I enjoyed working with the kids throughout this spring semester and I have learned a lot from my experiences that I had at St. Mary's, The kids were great and they fed off the energy that you approached them with. I was always enthused while working with the kids and with all the games that I was able to play with them I will have to say it was a success. The one thing that I will leave St. Mary's knowing is to expect anything and to always have a back up game plan because you never know what type of mood the students will be into. Capturing the last moments at St. Mary's has made me excited for the near future with working with kids and being able to break down games and critiquing the students movement skills. Thanks again St. Mary's elementary school for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your after school program!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lab 5 @ St. Mary's

In this weeks lab my group worked with Special projects and we ended up creating a poster board decoration on the gymnasium door so our group and other groups could put up there photo collages and also write a Thank You note to St. Mary's School. At the end of Class Pat had the students play a game called toilet tag which the students loved mainly because it was some sort of tag game. Dave sang the "turtle song" which went really well and most of the kids new the song. I ended the day with a cheer and had the kids shout out to hear some school spirit. The kids were very active throughout the day and we were able to spend some time with the kids but mostly worked on our poster boarder for the photo collages. I am excited for our last and up coming Lab 6 this week at St. Mary's and have been thrilled to work with the kids up to this point. One week Left at St. Mary's Let this be the best one of all... Can't Wait!!!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hyper Dash Altering in Physical Education

Hyper Dash is a target tagging race course game. The object is to tag the objects as fast as possible as soon as the voice command is said. Hyper Dash could be altered by setting up Index cards near each of the objects and on the students must answer the index card before moving to the next object. "Multiplying/Dividing or even simple Adding and Subtracting" math problems can be put on the index cards this is keeping the students minds working even outside of their actual classrooms but it's a competitive game. So after answering the equation correctly on the index card the student then can move to the next object. As a future Physical Educator it is our job to alter simple games and make them fun and possibly a little bit more challenging.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lab #4

Finally returned back to St. Mary's elementary school this past week and was able to get back into routine working with the kids. This week we were the Gym group and had to lead the activities in the beginning. I enjoyed working with the kindergarten and first graders. After being with the older kids a few weeks ago I was a little anxious to see how our games were going to work out this week at Lab. However during pre lab I set up the game Oscar's Garbage Can and the game did not turn out the way I planned for it to initially but I stuck with the game and made a couple of changes and once I was at St. Mary's school the kids loved the game. I was enthused to see that just because a game does not work in pre lab, that it still can work in actual lab with the kids. I believe that the age difference had a lot to do with this game and the reasoning why it worked so well at lab. Being the first group to go isn't always the easiest to do, so having a game work as well as mine did made the day really exciting. I have been enjoying my time at St. Mary's school and am excited for Lab 5!!!!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

St Mary's School Lab 3

Attended St. Mary's School for Lab 3 and I was thrilled to work with the kids this past week knowing that our group would be working with the older kids in the cafeteria, little did I know the older kids were worst than the Pre K when it came to participating in our activities. The older kids love to play tag games and they were not into "chuck the chicken" which was a game that Pat had planned to play with the kids. However I put on the Cha Cha Slide, a song that says a cue and you follow the cue. The kids enjoyed that dance which made me feel inspired knowing that their was hope for them to play one of our activities. After dancing we ended up playing temple tag and some type basketball/soccer game with the kids that we named spider man basketball. The kids were very competitive and enjoyed playing the game. Each week that I spend at St. Mary's School I just keep taking in more and more information. I have enjoyed each week that we have been at St. Mary's School and am looking forward to Lab 4 in the coming weeks. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Great Debate- Supporting different skills

Skills theme advocate was the group that I supported most when choosing which groups to join between Lifetime activities and stick skills. I found it that skipping, hopping, leaping etc... have to be learned in physical education and are the most important skills to be learned and can be used throughout a lifetime. The debate was very intense and a well discussed. All the groups were well prepared and had many good points about why their group was the best. I felt that the Skills theme advocate group had the upper leverage when it came to the rebuttal arguments but in the end the board of education ruled the debate a tie between the Life time activities group and the Skills theme advocate group. I enjoyed the debate and was focused in on what everyone had to say about their groups. I believe that it is important in one way or another to have all three of these activities put into a physical education learning system. But if I had to chose only one I believe the most important for fundamentals and becoming a well round individual I would still pick Skills theme advocate.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

PE Hall of Shame Games

The PE Hall of Shame inducted the game of "Tag" in 1994 saying that it eliminates slow and unskilled players and allows for them people to watch the fastest group of people run around and tag everyone else.
However I believe if the game of tag is played in the right format keeping players active even after they are tagged that the game of tag can be good for example "Batman & Robin" tag is a game that involves chasing, fleeing and dodging skills. This game works by explaining Batman & Robin's rivals "penguin, cat women, and the Joker". Then pick 3 students to play those parts and they receive a pool noodle and then 2 students will play Batman and Robin. The object of the game is that the rivals chase the students with the pool noodles and if the student is tagged they have to walk like the person they were tagged by. For Ex if penguin tags a student the person must waddle. Batman and Robin are running around tagging the people that have been tagged to set them free and rejoin the game. This game to me would be a way to keep kids active and participating, also the pool noodle helps for the people that lack speed because they can reach farther and it would be easier to tag an opponent. In my opinion Batman and Robin tag would be an alternate type of tag and would be a successful type of tag game to play with the students.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

GR8 N8 and PK's video about how we are using technology this new year to stay healthy, fit, and active.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 2 at St Mary's Elementary School

Lab2 at St Mary's my group and I joined the Pre K students outside on the play ground and enjoyed a little bit of recess with the kids. The students were running around having a blast and my group and I were settling in and we ended up playing tag with the kids after we finished recess we went back inside to do crafting a play games with the Pre K. The crafting went very well, we had the students color Valentines hearts. The games I thought went okay for our first time. I have realized that precise and simple is a key for Pre K students. Games that are too complex are hard to describe in brief enough words for the students. I was a little nervous performing my first game in front of the students but I am excited and am looking forward to the coming weeks at St. Mary's elementary school. I am enjoying my time their and am taking in the experiences each week we as we go. The picture that I added to my profile is a picture of me giving instructions before playing our activity.

My write up for lab2:

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reflection on PSU and Syracuse

In the news today many may know that Jerry Sandusky a former assistant coach at Penn State University and Bernie Fine a former assistant coach at Syracuse have allegedly been accused of sexually abusing children. The sex scandal involving Jerry Sandusky is overwhelming and has brought attention to many people. The sex scandal that Sandusky is being charged for was that he molested children in the showers of the locker room after hosting a charity program known as "The Second Mile" a charity to help troubled young boys. Sandusky retired in 1999 after he was investigated for the sex scandals at this time no charges were made. In 2008 the investigation was initiated and November of 2011 Sandusky was charged with 40 counts of sex crimes against young boys. Bernie Fine sex scandal came out soon after Jerry Sandusky's, however Fine's case is a little different in the fact that his sex scandal was not performed at the school but at his own house. No one was suspicious of Fine and that is how he got away for as long as he did. People should have been suspicious in the fact that Fine was bringing these boys back to his place, I believe Fine should have been looked into but because he wasn't this allowed these boys to be sexually abused. The most important part of both of these sex scandals is could have they been prevented? The answer is YES after watching the video clips in our class I have learned that their are many ways of suspicion when it comes to a child molester. If a person is pointing out only certain individuals or would rather spend more time with kids than adults that can be a sign. A person that wants to be one on one with kids also is a hint that this person needs to be watched. The two sex scandals that have taken place both could have been prevented one way or another. As a future Physical Educator I will be alert of suspicious activities towards young children and make sure if I see something out of the ordinary to call the hotline. I do not want to see children have their lives ruined because of someone and their wrong behaviors.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Day at St. Mary's

My first day at St. Mary's elementary school I was a little nervous at first. I joined right in with the activities as soon as I knew what we were doing. After being their for a few minutes and seeing what was going on I fitted right in and the nervousness went away. The students were very active and most of them were pretty sociable. I saw a lot of games being played and the kids seemed to have fun at the after school program. I enjoyed observing at St. Mary's day one and am looking forward to the next time.

lab 1

How physical activity impacts Affective growth.

Physical activity impacts affective growth because it increases a child’s ability to act, interact, and react effectively with other people as well as with themselves. When a child has the sense that their hopes, dreams, and aspirations are not controlled by “fate” or “luck” but  are, to a large extent, under one’s own control, then there is an enhanced sense of self- and affective growth. 

Learning through the physical

Learning through the physical is acquired by increased movement skills and enhancing physical fitness through increased physical activity. The importance of learning through movement is to influence both the cognitive and affective development of children. This is an important aim of physical education. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

First day of class

In are first class on Wednesday January 18th professor Yang talked about what we will be learning and doing throughout the semester. He talked to us about how we will be attending St. Mary's catholic school to work with children in an after school program. I have never had a blogger or posted a blog but am looking forward to learning more about blogging and posting blogs. I am looking forward to graduating at SUNY Cortland and my plan as a future Physical Education teacher is to make students want to stay active and fit after graduating and continuing to stay in shape throughout their lives. 

First time using blogger

I found creating a blog kind of confusing, I am trying to get used to blogging. I have never followed a blog so this is all new to me. I am ready to learn how to use blogger and see what it's all about.