Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lab 5 @ St. Mary's

In this weeks lab my group worked with Special projects and we ended up creating a poster board decoration on the gymnasium door so our group and other groups could put up there photo collages and also write a Thank You note to St. Mary's School. At the end of Class Pat had the students play a game called toilet tag which the students loved mainly because it was some sort of tag game. Dave sang the "turtle song" which went really well and most of the kids new the song. I ended the day with a cheer and had the kids shout out to hear some school spirit. The kids were very active throughout the day and we were able to spend some time with the kids but mostly worked on our poster boarder for the photo collages. I am excited for our last and up coming Lab 6 this week at St. Mary's and have been thrilled to work with the kids up to this point. One week Left at St. Mary's Let this be the best one of all... Can't Wait!!!

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