Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 2 at St Mary's Elementary School

Lab2 at St Mary's my group and I joined the Pre K students outside on the play ground and enjoyed a little bit of recess with the kids. The students were running around having a blast and my group and I were settling in and we ended up playing tag with the kids after we finished recess we went back inside to do crafting a play games with the Pre K. The crafting went very well, we had the students color Valentines hearts. The games I thought went okay for our first time. I have realized that precise and simple is a key for Pre K students. Games that are too complex are hard to describe in brief enough words for the students. I was a little nervous performing my first game in front of the students but I am excited and am looking forward to the coming weeks at St. Mary's elementary school. I am enjoying my time their and am taking in the experiences each week we as we go. The picture that I added to my profile is a picture of me giving instructions before playing our activity.

My write up for lab2:

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