Sunday, February 19, 2012

PE Hall of Shame Games

The PE Hall of Shame inducted the game of "Tag" in 1994 saying that it eliminates slow and unskilled players and allows for them people to watch the fastest group of people run around and tag everyone else.
However I believe if the game of tag is played in the right format keeping players active even after they are tagged that the game of tag can be good for example "Batman & Robin" tag is a game that involves chasing, fleeing and dodging skills. This game works by explaining Batman & Robin's rivals "penguin, cat women, and the Joker". Then pick 3 students to play those parts and they receive a pool noodle and then 2 students will play Batman and Robin. The object of the game is that the rivals chase the students with the pool noodles and if the student is tagged they have to walk like the person they were tagged by. For Ex if penguin tags a student the person must waddle. Batman and Robin are running around tagging the people that have been tagged to set them free and rejoin the game. This game to me would be a way to keep kids active and participating, also the pool noodle helps for the people that lack speed because they can reach farther and it would be easier to tag an opponent. In my opinion Batman and Robin tag would be an alternate type of tag and would be a successful type of tag game to play with the students.

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